Curriculum Statement

Stutton Church of England is renowned as a school that encourages independent, aspirational learners and thinkers. Our curriculum, underpinned by our Christian values, is designed to ensure our pupils can be positive contributors as part of a local and global community and equip them with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed as they grow and mature. We want our children to enjoy and be excited by the School, to develop enthusiasm and a questioning approach to life and learning that will prepare them for the future stages in their education.

The core skills of reading, writing and maths are at the heart of our curriculum. In addition to these subjects, from Year 1, the following subjects are taught:

Science, French, Geography, History, Religious Education, Design and Technology, Computing, Art, Music, PE, PSHE/ RSHE.

Our Early Years Curriculum is designed to underpin what our children go on to learn in later years.

Our curriculum is always under review. We constantly evaluate what the children learn and adapt where necessary, particularly in response to contemporary events or Christian events, e.g. Christmas, Easter, and Remembrance Day.

The School is growing fast, pupil numbers have increased nearly 200% in the past few years and as consequence, the number of classes and size of class are changing quite radically. In September 2022, we are planning to offer a four-class model, which is more typical of smaller schools.

Throughout the School’s growth, we have reflected on how to ensure that our curriculum covers the expectations of the National Curriculum. In January 2021, we added the 'Cornerstones' scheme to our curriculum offer. Cornerstones draws together a number of the subjects above in a ‘thematic’ approach to learning that we believe best suits the needs of our learners.

We are conscious of our place in the local community and actively seek opportunities to enhance the children’s experience and knowledge by looking to take our children out of school on visits that support learning. We invite the skills and enthusiasm of the community into the school to work alongside the children. We value the relationship between school and home, recognising that this relationship is crucial for individual life chances. We constantly share information and ideas to support learning at home and welcome parents into the school.

The staff at the School are always available to talk to; they are prominent at the start and end of each day. Please feel free to discuss issues regarding our curriculum with them or arrange a meeting with Mrs Edwards.

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