Swans Class

Welcome to Swans Class! We are made up of Years 3 and 4.

Mrs Maregeli

Class Teacher

Mrs Rudd

Teaching assistant

Swans Topics

Take a look at what we are going to be learning this year:

Copy of 3/4 Curriculum 2023/2024 Year 3/4
Through the ages knowledge-organiser.pdf

Term 1 - Through the ages

Rocks, relics and rumbles.pdf

Term 2 - Rocks, relics and rumbles


Term 3 - Emperors and empires

Our Current Class Novel is:

Here are some of the things we get up to in class:

How we learn:

We love to learn in many different ways.

We enjoy using equipment to help us learn and we love sharing our ideas with our friends. 

We like getting our bodies moving as well as keeping our brains busy. We have PE twice a week; sometimes in the hall and sometimes out on the field or court.

We enjoy reading; reading alone, reading with an adult, reading to our buddies, reading in class, listening to reading...!

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