School Clothes

Uniform...or not!

As you may know if you have visited or might have noticed from the pictures on our website, Stutton school does not have a compulsory school uniform. This decision has been revisited and carefully considered over the years but we have always continued as we like to celebrate children's individuality and ensure they can wear practical clothes which enable them to move and play.

Although there is no compulsory uniform, we do ask that children come to school dressed in a sensible, practical and appropriate manner for the day ahead.

The following items of clothing are deemed inappropriate:

  • Shoes with high heels or high platforms, backless shoes such as mules, crocs and flip-flops

  • Excessively revealing or tight clothing which would restrict comfortable movement

  • T-shirts with inappropriate slogans or logos

  • Very long skirts or trousers which cause a trip risk

  • Make-up and nail varnish

Jewellery is limited to a watches and stud-type earrings - these need to be discreet and safe. We recommend that long hair is worn up to help prevent the spread of head lice. It also needs to be worn up for PE for safety reasons.

Optional Uniform Items

We do offer a school sweatshirt, hoodie and polo shirt which children can choose to wear if they prefer the convenience and consistency of having separate school-wear. It is a very jazzy purple colour as you can see in the photo below!

Orders are submitted through the school office a few times a year so please speak to Mrs Seager about when the next order is being submitted if you are interested in buying any items

PE Kit

Children need a PE kit to include; White t-shirt, blue or black shorts/skort, blue or black leggings/tracksuit bottoms, sweatshirts, socks, plimsolls/training shoes and a hair band if required.

For safety reasons jewellery must not be worn during PE lessons/sports.

Children are encouraged to bring a spare pair of shoes or boots for outdoor use so they can continue to access the field in wet weather.