PE and Sports Premium

PE at Stutton CoE Primary School


At Stutton CoE, we believe that our role is to prepare children for successful childhood and future adulthood. Achieving this involves considering all aspects of personal wellbeing. We believe that an essential part of our role is to guide and encourage our pupils to take responsibility for their diet and personal fitness. We consider this to be a lifelong commitment.


We are very blessed at the school to have a large field and several resources close to the school to develop a breadth of sporting opportunities. Alongside this, the school is committed to ensuring that children are aware of the impact of different foods on their bodies and the need to take personal responsibility to regulate the foods they consume.

We use several resources to provide PE opportunities to children at the school. These include PE lessons provided by sports specialists via Essex Professional Coaching (EPC) and teachers, drawing on plans supplied by Complete PE. We have been very impressed with the quality of teaching provided by EPC and have developed their role in school to lunchtime and after school club. Alongside this, after school club, the school seeks further after-school providers to provide specialist trained sporting opportunities.

Alongside EPC, the school has employed an additional midday sports supervisor to encourage children to access healthy activities across the lunch period.

Alongside this, we have a close relationship with Royal Hospital School (RHS), an independent school a short distance from the school. Each week staff and older children from the school provide a PE lesson for the older children in the school.

RHS also provide facilities for our swimming lessons.

The teachers at the school are closely involved in these cross-partnerships. Working alongside experts has helped improve both their knowledge and delivery of high-quality PE.

One teacher in the school is a trained Forest school specialist, and this provides another opportunity for children to develop aspects of fitness within a less formal setting.

The school has also recently signed up for a healthy living scheme that encourages children to consider aspects of their diet. Two staff at the school have been trained as food advocates and will support pupils in disseminating information and guidance to other pupils.

Each year the older children have a residential trip to Aylmerton Field Centre. Alongside other important life skills, such as team playing and problem-solving, the children give sporting opportunities such as climbing, rope walking and hiking.

Finally, we are very fortunate to live in an area that provides great opportunities to develop sporting interests and abilities further. The school is positioned between the River Stour and Alton Water, and our next step is to use these resources to create water-based sporting opportunities.

As can be seen, we are a school that constantly looks to provide a comprehensive education that encourages children to develop independent thinking, takes responsibility for their health and finds sporting activities that enthuse and motivate them.


Children at the school enjoy PE, and they especially enjoy the opportunity to have PE lessons delivered by a professional coach. Lunchtime sports activities within the school are very popular with all year groups. Afterschool clubs are oversubscribed, and the school is actively seeking further opportunities. Assessment of PE identifies that children are making progress within this subject.